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Secured & Second Charge Loans

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Fast Bridging Loans with Sunrise Commercial

Sunrise Commercial Finance is a Specialist Boutique Bridging Loans Brokerage who specialise in placing bridging finance at the best rates available in the market. Using the right broker is essential in making sure you access a lender sourced from the whole of the market of Bridging Loan companies and lenders within the UK. Some of our niche lenders are not available to the general public and only accessible through brokers. Sunrise Commercial Finance will assess your requirement, source the most suitable lender for your circumstances and lead you though the application process.

We can arrange bridging finance throughout the UK including Northern Ireland. We are also able to arrange bridging loans on residential and commercial properties in selected regions of Southern Ireland.

Bridging Finance from £10,000 Upwards With No Upper Limit

Sunrise Commercial Finance can arrange finance from £10,000 upwards with no upper limit.. Terms for the loan are generally up to 12 months although in certain circumstance this can be extended.

Our loans are short term finance secured on land, residential and commercial properties. Rates and associated charges tend to be higher than a normal mortgage to reflect the short term nature of the loan. However Sunrise Commercial Finance can provide competitive bridging loan rates from 0.65% per month. In some cases the loan can be non-status. Our loans can be arranged for private individuals, landlords, sole traders, partnerships and limited companies.

Rates Available from 0.65% per Month

Loans are secured on property assets; land, residential or commercial, where funds can be released quickly with the minimum of fuss. As the loan is secured on the property asset then the borrower’s credit profile is not so relevant as for high street loans or mortgages. With sufficient equity in the property all fees except valuation fees can be added on to the loan.

As we are not affiliated to any one lender and have access to the whole of the market, we are able to find the best rate and cheapest overall loan for your circumstances. Unfortunately we are unable to arrange first charge loans secured on borrower’s principle residences. Although second charge loans are available on principle residences, funds from loans can be used for any legal purpose.

Residential Bridging Loans

Residential Bridging Loans are secured on both leasehold and freehold residential properties with loans up to 80% of open market value. This would be a gross amount. Where there is enough equity interest and fees can be added to the loan. Terms of the loan are generally for 12 months. Properties that are un mortgageable can be used as security to borrow against in order that the property be brought up to an acceptable condition for a normal mortgage to be secured. Interest rates for loans start at 0.65% per month.

Commercial Bridging Loans

Commercial Bridging Loans are secured on commercial property or land with loans possible up to 65% of the open market value, for some semi commercial properties it may be possible to stretch to 80% of open market value. Terms of the loan are generally for 12 months.

Second Charge Loans

We can arrange Second Charge Loans secured on both commercial and residential properties. Second Charge Loans sit behind the first charge loan or mortgage. They are more expensive than fist charge loans as they are considered more of a risk.

The maximum loan is 75% of the value of the property less the existing loan including any redemption charges. The minimum loan is £10,000 with terms up to 12 months.